Lube Buddy Jr


Perform all of your lube service and fleet maintenance directly in the field with the Lube “Buddy” Jr.! Designed for your light-duty pickup truck, the Lube “Buddy”, Jr. can also be used as a service center at the job site. Easily transferable from truck to service truck to job site making the Lube “Buddy” Jr. work where you need it.

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  • Truck or Portable skid mounted lube assembly
  • Fresh and waste multi-tank configurations
  • Hose reels
  • Oil pump & Vacuum pumps
  • Screened ledge inside waste oil tank to drop in used filters for easy drain


  • Easy install with fork lift
  • Mobile service skid
  • Multi-use capabilities
  • Non-corrosive pipe fittings
  • Easy plug and play wiring module


  • Lightweight
  • Spill & overflow pans


  • Digital flow meter
  • Air compressor